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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Delivering Value" by an Ex- Flight Attendant

 Interesting, illuminating and took me thinking reading Dr. Manis post on:
 "Give Value First to  Win at Home Business".

Lo and behold!
It is 'customer service'.
Dropped by the tip-end, every turn of the hat.
Mercilessly bragged about, leaving tangibly, no results.

Coming to my mind is, 'Visual Difference' by 'Elizabeth Arden'.

'Customer Service' and 'Giving Value' - are they the same?

Tiers are many, in a corporate structure. The Thinkers, and the Tinkers, being just two of them.
The year 2004, the clash of the titans. The 'Tinkers' took  the 'Thinkers" by the horns.
 'nough said.
I was a Flight Attendant, then!

Evidence to suffice the severity of the depths, of the inner workings of a major corporate identity.
'Internal Customer Service'
I am on my own, planning my Home Business.
Pay-check to pay-check, to a  Home Business.

It wouldn't be selfish, if I begin to think about:
                         what, my clients want,
                         is it, what they need,
                         the product,
                         how will I know, what stands between us,
                         level of personal organisation,
                         honing in skills and knowledge,
                         level of productivity,
                         time utilisation,
                         health and level of energy and fitness,                        
                         leasures and  my pleasures.      .

Reading the post, an array of things to think about, all in the name of  'value delivery'.

A couple of years ago reading an article about 'Beretta', I found these words:
"fire arms so precious, that any bird would be proud, even to be slain with".

What beauty!
A shameless assuarance, giving value to a product, and its stake-holders.
Who doesn't know it:?
That 'Beretta' does, priceless creations.
                              First deliver - 'Value first"!

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