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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do what you do - do well! boy!

   Dr Mani in his post speaks on 'Content Marketing & The 3 Little Pigs'.

It was in synchrony with my thinking.
It will be.

   "A perfect customer is one who understands you, and find value in your product and what it does
     to improve things"

Though seemingly impertinent, 'my past' and 'what I want to be', will give an inkling to the reader.
It does I hope, in the backdrop.

I was a stickler with no BS, who took pride on the stride and caring less for the rest. The passenger chose, and we better no matter, do it right to keep him/her happy. That was in the 'passenger cabin of the aeroplane' where I worked for 32 years, till a lot, took its toll.

A grade tenner of the '70s, possessing no formal training in Marketing and IT, I have nonetheless
decided to to learn things that count, to earn via the web. The web is virtually where we are, at any moment of time. Its in the background, by the side or at the fore. It got to be kept neat, and clean. My blog is part of my endevour to learn, from the trenches.

The game - 'delivering content of value'.

The term 'service', gave me limited sense to its meaning. It was narrowed to work done for the customers of a store, restaurant, hotel, or similar establishment.

It took time and effort to understand deeply why, one finds a job, why one needs a pay, why one is
paid for, and then lastly the connotation of, 'mans utmost duty is being of service to another'. Who said that - 'someone did'.

It was around 5 years ago, I was exposed to IM (internet marketing). There were ofers on top of offers. They were by people, who did not know my back ground, nor what I could do with, if I purchased their offer.

The lures used in IM are highly persuasive. It's mind boggling to an extent it is, that-fast a-happening. Talking of velocity (speed and goal orientation) Houdini, is in the shade. So lured, most people get caught up buying, what every Tom, Dick and Harry, offers.

It's ignorance and eagernes of the newcomer (newbie), allows the game to be played, full.
The place is agog with excitement. There is fervor, enthusiasm, readiness and willingness coupled with impatience, all happening at the same time and the seller meets buyer.

It's a sellers market and the majority of the buyers are less informed adding to, not having done any
soul-searching to find, if they can go through it all, working on the purchase.

Not every who one buys, works at it.
Not every thing purchased, works.

The www at large, gives knowledge to the seeker.
I do, seek it.
It is through this search words and such as 'Service' and 'Product', become synonymous.
One got to be lucky to find the correct source.

Remember 'Humor in Uniform' courtesy 'Readers Digest magazine'.
Incidentally, on a casual conversation I inquired from a head of a 'Product Development Section', what the 'core product' was.
The body language, did beat the vocals.
I mean, in the answer!!

The - 'core product' - the inner being, body and soul of the service, for which the client pays money!!

And that, is 'content'.
There was a time I could not fathom nor understand clearly, that very word 'content'.
I was actually reading content, on the term 'content'.
Seems funny, ofcourse!

I've gone through it all to find a content providers. Recognise the names. Building my foundation on solid rock.
I should give that person who invests on my services 'a return on investment' that is 'assured'.

I watch closely on people, their products, their marketing game, and their efforts on relationship building - whether sincere. Even study aspects on their, after-the-sale.

I hope to keep typing away 'giving value', listening in advance to 'Whispering hope', before the final curtain draws on  me.

'Eulogy' - "No, Thank You"

I remember a song, heard through my childhood years:

                  Do what you do, do well boy, do what you do, do well - - - -
                         - - - - Give your love, and all of your heart

      PS: Calling my fellow bloggers on Dr. Mani's '2012 - 30 Day Blog Challenge'

                     -  Let's picture that dislplay - 'A Team of Fine Sky-Divers'  -
                                                     Wish you well!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Delivering Value" by an Ex- Flight Attendant

 Interesting, illuminating and took me thinking reading Dr. Manis post on:
 "Give Value First to  Win at Home Business".

Lo and behold!
It is 'customer service'.
Dropped by the tip-end, every turn of the hat.
Mercilessly bragged about, leaving tangibly, no results.

Coming to my mind is, 'Visual Difference' by 'Elizabeth Arden'.

'Customer Service' and 'Giving Value' - are they the same?

Tiers are many, in a corporate structure. The Thinkers, and the Tinkers, being just two of them.
The year 2004, the clash of the titans. The 'Tinkers' took  the 'Thinkers" by the horns.
 'nough said.
I was a Flight Attendant, then!

Evidence to suffice the severity of the depths, of the inner workings of a major corporate identity.
'Internal Customer Service'
I am on my own, planning my Home Business.
Pay-check to pay-check, to a  Home Business.

It wouldn't be selfish, if I begin to think about:
                         what, my clients want,
                         is it, what they need,
                         the product,
                         how will I know, what stands between us,
                         level of personal organisation,
                         honing in skills and knowledge,
                         level of productivity,
                         time utilisation,
                         health and level of energy and fitness,                        
                         leasures and  my pleasures.      .

Reading the post, an array of things to think about, all in the name of  'value delivery'.

A couple of years ago reading an article about 'Beretta', I found these words:
"fire arms so precious, that any bird would be proud, even to be slain with".

What beauty!
A shameless assuarance, giving value to a product, and its stake-holders.
Who doesn't know it:?
That 'Beretta' does, priceless creations.
                              First deliver - 'Value first"!